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Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness Training by Health Safety Consultants

Health Safety Consultants trainers are expert asbestos consultants have been delivering asbestos awareness training courses to various workplaces since 2004. The asbestos awareness course has been developed, continually updated and delivered by our certified occupational hygienists and licensed asbestos assessors. If you are looking for an expert level asbestos awareness training for any work group in your workplace you can be confident that we will be your preferred training provider.

Our asbestos awareness training course is accepted in all Australian states and territories except Australian Capital Territory (ACT). If you will be working in ACT you need to complete the nationally accredited course 10314NAT which is not currently provided by Health Safety Consultants.

For your Asbestos Awareness Training group session booking please contact our office on 02 8786 1808

Why Asbestos Awareness Training is Required?

Section 445 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation (Duty to train workers about asbestos) requires that a person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure that workers engaged by the person, whom the person reasonably believes may be involved in asbestos removal work or in the carrying out of asbestos-related work, are trained in the identification and safe handling of, and suitable control measures for, asbestos and ACM.

About Our Asbestos Awareness Training

Health Safety Consultants provide asbestos awareness training to workplaces where asbestos is identified or likely to be present. The asbestos awareness training is essential for people undertaking asbestos-related work including construction contractors, trades persons, workers (employees & contractors), person in management or control of the workplace and management representatives to understand the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres and the management methods required to control the risk.

Health Safety Consultants asbestos awareness training courses are developed, updated and delivered by certified occupational hygiene consultants, licenced asbestos assessors and accredited workplace trainers and assessors.

The training runs over three (3) hours and can be delivered at the client premises or monthly at our training facility in Moorebank.

The  asbestos awareness training session covers the following topics:

  • Historical uses and potential sources of asbestos in the workplace with examples of typical ACM found in buildings
  • Human health risks from exposure to asbestos fibre
  • Legal obligations under asbestos legislation and asbestos codes of practice
  • Methods of asbestos identification, risk assessment and controls
  • The asbestos register and the asbestos management plan
  • Control measures for the in-situ management of asbestos and asbestos containing materials
  • Working safely in areas where asbestos containing materials are present
  • Information on health and safety requirements for working with and safe handling of asbestos
  • Control measures required for the safe removal of asbestos
  • Emergency procedures – Dealing with Asbestos incidents.

Please contact our office to book your next training session.