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Hazardous Materials Register, Hazmat Inspections & Surveys

Hazardous materials-lead
Hazardous materials inspection-SMF

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Consultants

Asbestos & Hazardous Building Materials Legislative Requirements

Hazardous materials in building construction are known as hazardous building materials. These include:

  • Asbestos containing materials (ACM)
  • Lead paint and lead dust
  • Synthetic mineral fibre (SMF)
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Ozone depleting substances (ODSs).

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation requires a person with management or control of a workplace to ensure that a register (an asbestos register) is prepared and kept at the workplace, maintained and kept up-to-date. This applies to buildings operating as a workplace constructed prior to 31 December 2003. Where asbestos has been identified in a building an asbestos management plan is required to be prepared, kept up-to-date and reviewed as necessary and at least every 5 years. The asbestos register is to be revised if the asbestos management plan is revised, further asbestos or ACM is identified at the workplace, or asbestos is removed from, or disturbed, sealed or enclosed at, the workplace.

Australian Standard AS2601-2001 The demolition of Structures requires that prior to demolition a building must be inspected for hazardous building materials and the materials removed safely prior to demolition taking place.

Local Councils require a submission of an Asbestos Survey Report or Hazardous Materials Survey Report (HAZMAT) for buildings constructed prior to 1990 as part of a Development Application (DA) documentation.

The WHS Regulation requires that asbestos is managed and removed in the workplace in accordance with “How to manage and control asbestos in the workplace” and “How to safely remove asbestos” Codes of Practice.

Hazardous Materials Consulting Services

Health Safety Consultants provide the hazardous materials consulting services in NSW and ACT by qualified and experienced occupational hygiene consultants holding membership with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and are Licenced Asbestos Assessors. The services include the following;

Hazardous Materials Inspection-occupational hygienist
Hazardous materials inspection-Lead paint

Hazardous Materials Inspections and Surveys

Identification and assessment of conditions and location of hazardous building materials is undertaken of asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead paint and lead dust, synthetic mineral fibre (SMF), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and ozone depleting substances (ODS).

The identification may involve sampling materials suspected to contain asbestos and lead based paint and analysis at NATA accredited laboratory.

Hazardous Materials Survey Reports and Hazmat Register

A report will be compiled to include all hazardous materials identified at the site with risk assessment outlining material type, friability, location, extent, condition, and accessibility with photographic references of all identified items.

Hazardous Materials-Asbestos in soil

Hazardous Materials Management Plans

Hazardous materials management plans will be provided on request as an addendum to the survey reports to assist in the management of in-situ hazardous materials and meet legislative requirements.

Asbestos Register, Surveys and Management Plans

Asbestos specific inspections and assessments are undertaken as requested. Asbestos survey reports contain the asbestos register including risk assessment (material assessment and condition assessment) and management plans for the in-situ management of asbestos containing materials (ACM).

Asbestos & Hazmat Re-inspection, Revised Survey Reports & Registers

Asbestos and hazardous materials re-inspections or review of in-situ ACM and update of existing asbestos register, hazmat register and management plans.

Hazardous materials - Synthetic mineral fibre

Project Management of Asbestos & Hazardous Building Materials Removal

Our consultants can assist your hazardous materials removal project by providing any or all of the following:

  • Scoping for asbestos and other hazardous building materials removal for tendering purposes including technical specifications for the removal
  • Project management of asbestos and hazardous building materials removal including development of project health and safety plan, development and review of required safe work method statement and removals management
  • Development and review of Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP) and hazardous materials control plan
  • Expert level third party auditing of hazardous building materials removal processes and associated documentation
  • Asbestos fibre air monitoring and analysis by NATA accredited laboratory
  • Lead dust air monitoring and analysis by NATA accredited laboratory
  • hazardous materials visual clearance inspection and clearance monitoring
  • Hazardous materials clearance report.

Preliminary Site Investigations

Health Safety Consultants conducts preliminary site inspections and assessments following storm damage, flood and fires to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Hazardous Materials inspection-Asbestos roof
Hazardous materials inspection-Asbestos clearance

Asbestos Clearance Inspections

Asbestos clearance inspections and clearance certificate.

Our Certified Occupational Hygienists can assist you in all aspects of asbestos and hazardous materials inspections and assessments including a one-off assessment or periodic assessments as required.