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Slip Testing

Wet Pendulum & Dry Friction Floor Tests in Sydney & NSW

Floor Slip Testing

Floor Slip Resistance Testing – Wet pendulum & Dry Friction Tests

Our expert team of WHS Consultants and technicians undertake floor slip resistance tests for floors in accordance with the following standards:

  • Australian Standard AS 4586-2013 slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  • Australian Standard AS 4663—2013 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces.

Wet pendulum & Dry Friction Floor Tests

We help with all requirements of floor slip resistance testing including pre- and post treatment floor slip tests for evaluation of treatment product and method of application as well as regular slip tests for property & facility managers to assist in reducing the risk of slipping and potential injuries.
The test results presented in the test report are compared with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and Standards Australia HB 198:2014 Guide to the specification and testing of slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces.
We are independent health and safety consultants and occupational hygienists specialised in measurement and evaluation of health and safety risks.

Slip Testing
Slip testing

Expert Reports for Slip Incidents

Our certified occupational hygienists can assist with undertaking site inspection, slip testing and preparation of an expert report if required for a slip incident needed for use in legal proceedings.

Contact our office for all your needs regarding slip resistance testing.