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Expert Witness Reports by Senior WHS Consultants & Certified Occupational Hygienists

Occupational Hygienist Expert Report

Expert Opinion – Specialist WHS Consulting Services

Our Senior WHS Consultants and Certified Occupational Hygienists have the qualifications, knowledge, technical skills and years of industry experience in health & safety consulting and occupational hygiene field. Our WHS Consultants and Occupational Hygienists regularly provide expert opinion in several specialist areas. Our expert witness reports comply with with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct in Schedule 7 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW).

Our WHS Consultants & Occupational Hygienists Areas of Expertise (Expert Witness Reports)

Our chartered WHS Consultants and certified occupational hygienists provide expert opinion in the following areas of expertise:

  • Expert opinion and reporting on Safe systems of work
  • Expert opinion on manual handling in the workplace
  • Mould contamination assessment expert reports
  • Exposure assessment to hazardous chemicals expert reports
  • Floor slip resistance and slip incidents expert reports
  • Noise exposure assessment expert reports
  • Asbestos fire damage expert reports
  • Asbestos storm damage expert report
  • Asbestos contamination expert report
  • Other technical areas in WHS and occupational hygiene.

Please contact our experts for any assistance with your investigation.

Occupational hygienist-Expert report