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Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management Plan?

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What is a Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management Plan?

A work health & safety (WHS) management plan must be prepared by the principal contractor of a construction project, of a value $250,000 or more, before commencing work on the construction site. The Construction WHS Management Plan must include the following:

  • The names, positions and specific responsibilities of personnel assigned health and safety responsibilities
  • The workplace arrangements for consultation, cooperation and coordination of activities that the Principal Contractor has with others who have work health and safety responsibilities at the site
  • The arrangements in place for health and safety incidents
  • Site-specific health and safety rules
  • The arrangements to ensure that everyone at the workplace is informed of those rules
  • The arrangements for the collection, assessment, monitoring and review of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS’s).

What are the Additional Principal Contractor Duties in Relation to WHS Management Plan?

The WHS management plan must also allocate for managing risks and compliance with the WHS Act and Regulation and provide for general workplace facilities, first aid, emergency plans, personal protective equipment, airborne contaminants, hazardous atmospheres, flammable or combustible substances and falling objects.

The WHS Managemetnt Plan must be be made readily available to workers and other stakeholders and kept up-to-date.

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How Can Our WHS Consultants Assist you with your WHS Management Plan?

Our WHS Consultants have been developing WHS Management Plans for Principal Contractors and subcontractors of numerous construction projects including government projects, Browz contractor pre-qualification and other requirements.

To discuss your requirements contact our office to speak with a Senior WHS Consultant.